Sara Grennell Practitioner of NAET and Menopause Wellness


I discovered the power of alternative and complementary therapies due to my own health challenges.  In 2011 I was introduced to NAET® and soon realised that NAET® is extremely beneficial to my own health and the health of my pets.  This also made me curious to gain a better understanding of how the body has an amazing power to heal itself, if it is given the right support, environment and nourishment.  So in order to satisfy my inquisitive mind and along with a desire to help others, I decided to learn more about the various therapies and techniques that are available.

In addition to holding advanced level certificates in NAET®, I have also achieved, with distinction, a Diploma in The Identification and Treatment of Allergic Disorders with The British Institute for Allergy & Environmental Therapy.  I also regularly attend workshops and short courses in order to enhance my knowledge and skills.

It is in my nature to question everything, although I must admit that in learning these therapies, I have been amazed by things that I simply cannot explain.  So I hope that you are amazed too!

holistic approach

Why work with me?

I started my learning of NAET® as a patient before I became a certified NAET® Practitioner, so NAET® has been a big part of my world for over ten years now.  I am committed to helping you to feel better and I understand what it is like to experience a number of uncomfortable and unpleasant symptoms.  I realise that every individual is unique and I take a holistic approach to helping you to feel better.
I will only take you on as a client if I honestly believe that I can help you and this is discussed during the initial FREE 20-minute telephone call.

Qualifications and Certificates

Gateway Workshops:
Practitioners Diploma in Menopause Wellness

Homeobotanicals & HomeoHerbals UK & Europe:
Homeobotanical Therapy & HomeoHerbal Therapy

Brighton Holistics:
COVID – 19 Awareness for Therapists

NAET® Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Techniques:
Advanced 2-P NAET® Anaphylactic Case Management 

The British Institute for Allergy & Environmental Therapy:
Diploma in The Identification and Treatment of Allergic Disorders

The NAET® Training Institute:
Basic NAET® Course
Advanced-1 NAET® Course

Oxford Learning College:
Anatomy and Physiology Level 3 Diploma

Professional Membership

I am a member of The British Complementary Medical Association, NAET® and The British Institute for Allergy & Environmental Therapy.


I am not a Doctor and do not offer medical advice.  The information on this website is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.  I make no claims, promises or guarantees as to the outcome of any service that is offered on this website.  I do not diagnose or treat specific health challenges.  You are responsible for your own health, medical treatment and care.  Always contact your Doctor if you feel unwell.  Any recommendations of supplements are a recommendation only; it is your responsibility to check with your Doctor the suitability of any supplements for you.


I am insured by Balens to provide all of the services that I offer.


Anything and everything that clients tell me is completely confidential. I do not judge and I do not embarrass easily.
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